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Welcome to the new website and blog for The Punta Gorda Guitar Army.  If you’ve somehow stumbled upon us here, and would like to know more about us, please see the About page.

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9/30/08 @ The Celtic Ray

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Well, my first reaction to last nights jam is WOW – a very cool thing happened. 

Kilo, Bruce, Gary, Don, Randy & Kimberly, Annette, Kevin, Mark, Rob and myself – oh and Mimi showed up to sing – all jostling for space in that intimate little place – and everything worked itself out fine.

Everything sounded great – and only promises to get better!  If I’d thought about it I would have made a list of all the music that was covered, and shared it with you here.  Maybe next week…..

If you have any pictures of last night, please email them to: and I’ll post them here for everyone to enjoy!


Poetry and Writings

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Please share your creativity here!


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I thought this could get a little hairy, but I think we can handle it.  Please be polite.


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Do you know of an upcoming festival?  Post about it here.


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Well, Don is out of town so we’re on our own here…